Enlightened Family Justice Institute
Transforming Family Courts
Healing Human Conflicts         Preserving Families

Who We Are 

COMMUNITY: Enlightened Family Justice Institute (EFJI) is a community – a community of individuals and organizations who are dedicated to and are passionate about transforming family law courts. We want family law courts to administer justice in a way that is intended to heal human conflicts. Achievement of this goal requires that we become a social movement. WE ARE YOU! Come join this movement to ENLIGHTEN FAMILY JUSTICE.

ALLIANCE OF ORGANIZATIONS: EFJI intends to marshal an alliance of organizations whose vision and mission has some over-lapping alignment with the EFJI vision and mission. Namely, we seek organizations that want to devote some of their resources and power to designing and implementing courts that facilitate the healing of human conflict.

LEGAL ENTITY: EFJI is a Texas non-profit organized in 2009. EFJI has an exemption from federal income taxation as a public charity (under IRC sec. 501(c)(3)). Donations to EFJI may be deducted as a gift to charity by the donor.

GOVERNANCE: EFJI is governed, at present, by a five member board. Our board members bring to the table many disciples of knowledge – namely, family law, court administration, mediation, systems design for conflict resolution, clinical psychology in marriage and family therapy, family law facilitation, research psychology in family relations, communications and media, grants and grant administration, social work, organizational development, and meeting facilitation. EFJI intends to expand its board of directors to eleven.

COUNCIL OF ADVISORS: EFJI intends to recruit and maintain an eminent Council of Advisors. Our Council of Advisors will be organized to aid EFJI’s administrative functions – namely, (1) Research, (2) Community Engagement, (3) Court Administration for Efficiency & Effectiveness, (4) Training & Education, and (5) EFJI’s Organizational Development.